Toyota’s new strategy for battery electric vehicles is a start, but when will the dirty lobbying stop?

December 14, 2021

Responding to Toyota Motor Corporation’s strategy for battery electric vehicles (EV) announced today, SumOfUs campaigner Eoin Dubsky said:

"Toyota’s 100% battery EV plans for Lexus are a start. But will Toyota continue lobbying against ambitious climate laws, or will the company put its full weight behind the fight to stay under 1.5C of global warming?

"SumOfUs members around the world, including thousands of people who drive Toyota cars, are petitioning the company to go green. That begins by stopping the dirty lobbying.

"Furthermore, Toyota should actively support policies to clean up the electricity grid with renewable energy, where it is still laden with climate-wrecking fossil fuels like Japan."

Toyota has consistently opposed regulatory efforts to increase the stringency of emissions and fuel economy standards for vehicles across various regions globally, according to InfluenceMap.



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