The French Cosmetics Giant Has Laid Off Over 120 Employees in Turkey for Joining a Trade Union

July 13, 2018

The French Cosmetics Giant Has Laid Off Over 120 Employees in Turkey for Joining a Trade Union

France — A new petition demanding that French cosmetics and beauty company Yves Rocher respect labor laws after laying off over 120 workers at their Turkish subsidiary Kosan Kozmetik has been signed by nearly 100,000 members of global consumer group SumOfUs. Workers were fired after they organized to join a trade union. SumOfUs is calling on Yves Rocher’s management to reinstate the illegally dismissed union workers and ensure that its workers’ labor rights are respected.

The sacked workers joined Turkish union Petrol-Is, affiliate to IndustriALL Global Union after discontent over degrading working conditions, stagnating wages, loss of benefits, increased work hours, psychological stress, and refusal from management to allow medical leave after workplace accidents.


SumOfUs’ petition takes aim in particular at the company’s treatment of its women workers, who form the majority of the laid off workers in Turkey. The petition says Yves Rocher markets itself as an empowering brand for women, while abrogating the human rights of its women factory workers.

“Yves Rocher's hypocrisy is staggering: At the same time the company markets itself as an empowering brand for women, it is violating the fundamental labor rights of its women workers, who make up the vast majority of its employees at its Turkish factories,” explained Fatah Sadaoui, Campaign Manager at SumOfUs. “Make no mistake: Yves Rocher’s vicious campaign to fire its workers who dare join a union is illegal. The freedom to join a union is a right enshrined by the Turkish Constitution and International Labour Organization conventions, but Yves Rocher doesn’t care, brutally punishing its employees for daring to defend themselves against degrading working conditions and low pay. If Yves Rocher truly wants to live up to its espoused corporate values, it must reinstate the scores of laid off Turkish workers without delay.”

The laid off workers are supported by numerous workers in neighbouring factories as well as nearly 100 organizations, with solidarity actions conducted weekly in front of Yves Rocher shops around Paris.

For more information, or for interview with a SumOfUs spokesperson, please contact Yasmina Dardari at +1 (407) 922-8149 or by email at

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