Petition Delivery to The Hague Urges The Netherlands to Vote No on Glyphosate Use in Europe

May 17, 2016

Petition Delivery Urges the Netherlands to Vote "No" on Glyphosate Use in Europe

Consumer watchdog SumOfUs urges the Netherlands to keep "probably carcinogenic" glyphosate out of Europe by voting against the renewal of its EU licence in an upcoming committee meeting that will take place in Brussels on 18-19 May.

The Hague, Netherlands – On Tuesday, May 17th, concerned citizens and activists from the corporate accountability group SumOfUs will deliver a petition to the Netherlands parliament building, urging his government to instruct officials representing the Netherlands to vote "no" against a license allowing the usage of the pesticide glyphosate throughout Europe.

WHAT: Petition delivery to Netherlands Government WHERE: In front of Parliament public entrance, Lange Poten, The Hague WHEN: May 17, 2016 at 1:30pm

Glyphosate, a pesticide found in the popular weed killer Roundup, has proven deadly to human cells in numerous scientific tests , yet gardeners and farmers throughout Europe continue to use glyphosate heavy products.

Last month, members of the European Parliament backed a ban of glyphosate for hobby gardeners working in green parks and playgrounds along with agricultural professionals. They also called for strict limits on pre-harvest applications, proving that lawmakers are coming to understand the dangers of Monsanto=E2=80=99s favorite pesticide. But, the European Commission has tweaked the glyphosate license proposal in attempt to win the Netherlands over, making them the "swing" vote in an upcoming decision about the renewal of the glyphosate=E2=80=99s licence in Europe.

This decision will take place at a EU member states meeting in Brussels on 18-19 May.

In March, SumOfUs gathered over 260,000 signatures asking the European Parliament to ban the pesticide. Now, the group is pressuring the Netherlands and make sure they vote in the best interest of their population.

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