PayPal stops processing payments for Tommy Robinson

November 08, 2018

Announcement comes after over 64,700 people sign SumOfUs petition

  • According to reports, Paypal has told former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson it will no longer process payments on his behalf.
  • Over 64,700 Members of corporate watchdog SumOfUs had signed a petition calling on PayPal to act.

PayPal has today responded to mounting public pressure and stopped processing payments to far-right figurehead Tommy Robinson.

The Silicon Valley payment processor had come under increasing fire from campaigners for continuing to process payments for the prominent islamophobe, in contravention of  its own policies on hate speech.

As well as founding UK fascist street movement the English Defence League (EDL), Robinson also involved in starting the UK branch of anti-muslim group Pegida.  

SumOfUs, a global advocacy group that holds big corporations accountable, has been lobbying PayPal since July to cut its ties with Robinson. Tens of thousands of people round the world have signed petitions, donated and shared calls on social media.

PayPal is believed to have told Mr Robinson he had violated its terms and conditions, and removed its services from his site.

Tom Barns, Campaigns Manager at SumOfUs said:

“This is a big step forward. Hate crimes are on the rise across the UK and Europe, and fascists like Tommy Robinson need money to spread their message of hate.

PayPal has listened to its customers in stopping these payments. Other payment processors should take note - they can’t hide behind a veneer of neutrality while quietly acting as corporate sponsors for fascists like Tommy Robinson”.

Robinson recently announced planned visits to the US and Australia, which campaigners claimed could make him £1 million in donations - although it is understood he is still waiting to learn if he will be granted a visa, despite convictions that should bar him from entry to the US. That decision rests with with the Trump administration.