New SeaWorld Parody Game Simulates Experience of Orcas in Captivity

February 29, 2016

New SeaWorld Parody Game Simulates Experience of Orcas in Captivity

Earlier today, SumOfUs, an international consumer watchdog organization launched a new online parody game that simulates the experiences of orcas held in captivity at SeaWorld. The game, Olivia the Orca, mockingly claims “being a whale in capacity is SO much fun” and challenges the player to swim for as long as they like.

“Keeping large, intelligent animals in small underwater cages is a cruel form of torture that is unfortunately standard business practice for the folks at SeaWorld,” explained Paul Ferris, campaign manager for “SeaWorld has no excuse. Consumers around the world known that forcing intelligent, sensitive animals to live in cages for the sake of entertainment and profit is simply unethical. We hope that the Olivia the Orca parody game hammers home just how cruel this practice is - and convinces more people to call on SeaWorld to end their cruelty now.”

The game release comes days after SeaWorld admitted to having its workers pose as animal rights activists to spy on and disrupt anti-SeaWorld protests.

Last year, more than 1.6 million SumOfUs members urged California lawmakers to take action to stop SeaWorld’s orca abuse and enact the Orca Welfare and Safety Act.

Since that campaign, SeaWorld has cancelled the orca "entertainment" show in the face of public pressure and was barred from breeding whales in capacity by the California Coastal Commission.