Consumer Group Urges Amazon to Stop Selling White Supremacist Merchandise

August 20, 2018

SumOfUs calls on e-commerce giant to cease ties with white supremacist vendors

According to news sources, e-commerce giant Amazon is currently selling “white power” shirts, white nationalists guidebooks (published by Trevor Lynch), and books by known anti-semite Kevin B. Macdonald. This news comes as Amazon continues to provide streaming services to NRA-TV and advertises on the hate-news site Breitbart.

The international consumer group SumOfUs released the following statement in response:

“Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest man in modern history, leading a corporate behemoth that makes billions of dollars every single day. As if abusing its workers to make massive profits isn’t enough, Amazon is now giving a platform for white supremacists by selling their merchandise, which only empowers these hateful and violent groups.

“SumOfUs and our members urge Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos to immediately stop the sale of all white supremacist merchandise on the platform, stop broadcasting NRA-TV’s conspiracy theories, and end all streams of cash flow to Breitbart news.  If they refuse, we will continue to keep up pressure and galvanize more Amazon customers who agree.

“Amazon puts a huge emphasis on customer satisfaction. We hope that their executives act  accordingly by removing these vile products from their website.”